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Serving a Range of Industries

In order to deliver world-class resources and technology solutions, HTS focuses on a select group of industries that leverage our consultants' broad range of expertise. Through mutual respect, communication, and—most importantly—deliverance of the stated engagement objectives, we have earned long-lasting alliances with our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions.

Financial Services

In recent years, technological challenges and unscrupulous behavior have brought about scrutiny and immeasurable changes in the financial industry. Industrial and governmental regulation has also led to drastic increases in the volume, complexity, and importance of financial information. Allow us to improve how you are doing business and change how information is created, distributed, stored, shared, and applied to new or existing business practices. We have a proven, results-oriented record within the financial industry.

Manufacturing, Automotive, & Airline

The manufacturing, automotive, and airline industries are constantly evolving the way they do business through cost control and innovative approaches to their strategies. With large-scale infrastructure projects, HTS offers services that accelerate value.

Retail & Consumer Products

As our clients seek to retain major customers and increase the base of potential customers, they use HTS' expertise to maximize their return on technology investments.


Our proven track record is rooted in the extensive, hands-on experience of our consultants who have been involved in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our resources understand the QA standards and compliance efforts related to this strictly regulated market. This 'insider' perspective is one of the keys to our success.

Retail Worker Using ComputerHealthcare Worker Using Computer

Energy, Utilities, & Chemical

Changing economic conditions, fluctuating prices, and the ongoing pressure to meet environmental, health, and safety standards make it a challenge to increase competitive advantage in global energy, utilities, and chemical markets. Innovative technical solutions and a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and often dispersed workforce are the keys to success. Take advantage of our proven today!


HTS understands that this dynamic market demands integrated and sophisticated strategies and solutions in order to surpass the competition. The need to protect infrastructure investments today and prepare for the world of convergence tomorrow will keep high-tech and telecommunications businesses ahead of the competition.