HTS makes every effort to insure that your consulting experience is a positive, productive, and meaningful one by providing specialized resources to support you, the consultant, before, during, and after the assignment. Each consultant is assigned a dedicated Corporate Relations Manager (CRM) to guide and assist them. The Corporate Relations Managerís main focus is to support the consultant on the client site.
HTS takes an inclusive view of our consultants, regardless of hire category. We give equally preferential treatment to our W2 and independent contractors. HTS views each consultant as a valuable team member and treats them as such.
HTS never wants a consultant to feel that they are out on assignment alone. The CRM is provided as a first point of contact in a network support system for the consultant. Although a consultant will always have access to any member of the marketing, recruiting, administrative, or management teams, usually, the primary point of contact once a consultant is on site is the CRM. Also, whenever possible, CRMs will provide opportunities to connect HTS consultants with other HTS consultants on the same client site in order to foster a team environment.
HTS looks beyond the single-placement assignment mentality that many IT consulting firms have, and instead seeks to build a professional, ongoing relationship with the consultant that often leads to multiple, sequential assignments at different client sites. Therefore, CRMS make the effort to know each consultant on an individual level and have a complete understanding of that consultantís skills, background, past work experience, and current assignment. This understanding helps in finding success in the current assignment and the best fit for consultantsí future assignments.
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